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Micah Alameda Sr. is the principal owner of ALAMEDIA LLC. His professional experience spans diverse areas, including political strategy, marketing, local production, content creation, nonprofit executive, and various forms of volunteer work and internships.

Reach out to us today; ALAMEDIA can help you improve the effectiveness of your message and digital media efforts while fostering an enhanced engagement with target audiences.

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Rising Tides and High Tide Energy are central themes at ALAMEDIA. In ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi, "Ala" means "To rise, rise up, or come forward." 


We believe that, as island people and residents of coastal communities, a rising tide lifts all waʻa in the bay, regardless of circumstance. Our role is to be that rising tide, a driving force that our clients and community can depend on to help elevate their mission and create long-lasting impact.

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